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In today’s fast paced, never ending work day, often in the heights of an urban jungle, how do you promote creativity and productivity, mental resilience and positivity?  How do you foster a healthy lifestyle in an office, at a dinner party, or walking down the street? With RETOX.

Whether you are an individual looking to up your game in life and be your best you, or a business looking to create a more productive, energetic & happy workplace, RETOX is for you.  

Founder Lauren Imparato worked as a VP on the trading floors of Morgan Stanley while maitaining her health & social life - so she gets it. And will help you get it, and there, too.


RETOX CORPORATE YOGA includes the physical practice of yoga, seminars incorporating the ancient philosophies of yoga, or a combination of the two.

 Yoga classes at your office or the Studio can be structured:

  • Daily or weekly, to keep the blood flowing and the energy high
  • Special Event, aimed specifically at team work, taking people out of their comfort zone, creating endurance

RETOX CORPORATE NUTRITION brings healthy eating to your team, without them even noticing it.  Offerings include:

  • SEMINARS on how to Eat realistically & healthily at your office (without the tupperwear)
  • CRAFTED MEAL PLANS based on local delivery restaurant and cafeteria choices
  • CONSULTATIONS with Corporate Chefs to enhance daily offerings
  • 1-on-1 Nutritional Coaching with employees

Proper Nutrition is everywhere, and health is accessible to everyone, no matter the cubicle or office walls.   You just have to know where to look, what to look for, and what to do.   If you can take control of your daily movement and  diet, in a realistic way that coincides, and even enhances your work schedule, you can take control of your success. 

When people feel better, they work better.   We all know that.


RETOX Nutritional Coaching 

RETOX Life Coaching

RETOX Career Coaching


all available with Lauren Imparato. 

Prices & availbility unpon request. 

Email info@iamyoustudio.com for further details, ideas, pricing and reservations.


Photo: Jan Cain

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