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Eating ‘healthy’ can be considered complicated in the reality of today’s world.  But I.AM.YOU.’s RETOX NUTRITIONAL COACHING makes it easy.

RETOX™ NUTRITIONAL COACHING is designed to take you to all your wellness goals in a REALISTIC way - whether they are about losing weight, building muscle, staying healthy, lowering cholesterol, making it simple… you name it.  

The Numbers: 

  • 85% Lose Weight.
  • 77% have Increased Energy.
  • 85% Feel Leaner & Clothes Fit Better.
  • 92% Feel they Look Better.
  • 100% have Improved Motivation for Self.

RETOX takes into account your office life, your personal life, your commute, your culinary cravings, and all your day to day routines, and from there creates a nutritional program for you to follow which is not only entirely doable, but also not at all invasive.  (brown rice in tupperwear no; delivery, yes) 

Rather than imposing a doctrine upon you, we work with you to be come a better, more fit you, thus allowing you to reach your peak health and performance goals, and to maintain them.  All while keeping your life.

Whether you are an individual, an athletic team, a business, or a group, we are here to help YOU become healthier, happier, and more energetic inside and out.


Email nourish@IAMYOUstudio.com for further details.


Photo: Jan Cain


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