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RETOX: Adding foods into your life to make you better, stronger, healthier instead of taking things out. An undogmatic approach to eating your way to the best you ever.

Nutrition does not have to be complicated.  It does have to be doable.

Your body is built to optimize and maximize everything it is given; it is built to fix itself, by itself: it is built to grow and evolve.  But sometimes in the urban and hectic rigamandroll of today’s world, giving our body the nourishment and fuel it needs to reach peak performance can become a challenge.  RETOX NOURISHMENT programs are designed to nourish you within the life you lead, rather than remove you from it.  From there they will take you take your body – the inside and the outside - to the place you want it to be. On top of the world.

RETOX™ NOURISHMENT Coaching and Consulting are available for individuals, Corporations, families, groups, and Athletic Teams, no matter where you are in the world, done live or over phone, email, and skype.  Programs are tailored to YOUR goals and needs, and ensure results. 


Email nourish@iamyoustudio.com for further details. 



Photo: Jan Cain

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