I AM You Studio

Resident Mixologist

vintaj, RETOX's Resident Mixologist, is a product of the infinitely subatomic connection of world cultures. Growing up in Colombia, he became an avid music collector at a very young age, and was a rock singer for various bands until his splash into the working world of New York. In Colombia he longed for the '60s and '70s rock-and-roll atmosphere of New York and London, and now, as a NYC part time dj, he longs for the atmosphere that world rhythm juxtapositions create. From the inside out and the outside in, music is the language that accentuates the narrative of each moment, and it is that prose that vintaj strives to provide for every RETOX mix he creates.

His collection now spans thousands of albums, hundreds of vinyls, and terabytes of digital music, spanning salsa rarities, soulful New York deep house, Nigerian blues, Turkish techno, lavishly cheesy Europop, '70s punk, lyrical hip-hop, rock-and-roll in all its wonderful forms, and many more rhythms that continue to inspire.

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