I AM You Studio

Guest Mixologists

I.AM.YOU. believes in the collaborative process of creative evolution, deconstructing the Resident Mixologist’s view of the class’s music set, to reconstruct the Guest Mixologist’s own interpretation of the ideal musical narrative.

Throughout the year I.AM.YOU. invites various professional DJs, music aficionados, and friends to create the collection of music stories that will create an I.AM.YOU. class, thereby not just influencing student practices set by us, but also set by YOU.

Some of I.AM.YOU.’s most recent Guest Mixologists include bodhi, Geronimo, RLP, DJ C, Sheherazade, and Glostix, all ultimate urbanites raised in different corners of the world, and each with a vibrant passion for music.  At I.AM.YOU. they unleash their talent and deconstruct what music and sounds mean to them and reconstruct an I.AM.YOU. mix for the world to hear.

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