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Health & Wellness Training

It does not matter how skilled your team is; if they are sick and unhealthy, productivity and results will suffer.  I.AM.YOU.'s RETOX™ HEALTH & WELLNESS TRAINING is the first corporate training program to teach employees how to be healthy at work, so they can work.  It is the one element that has always been missing from corporate education, and yet the most important. 

I.AM.YOU.'s RETOX Health & Wellness Training Programs teach your team how to be healthy in mind and body amidst the hours, stress, work, office environment, and inevitable situations that make up a day at work in today’s world. 

Topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Stress Management
  • Avoiding Sickness
  • Increasing Productivity

I.AM.YOU. Health & Wellness Training programs will increase health, happiness, and morale, while decreasing stress, pains, and illness.  This will create a natural byproduct of productivity, teamwork, focus, creativity, and profitability.  Not to mention higher retention rates and lower healthcare costs.

Teaching employees upfront how to manage their new work life is cost efficient and time efficient.  It is the new way in the new world.

Day, Week, Annual, and Year Long programs are available.

Email corporate@iamyoustudio.com for more information
Photo: Jan Cain

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