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After working as a VP on the Wall Street trading floors of Morgan Stanley, RETOX founder Lauren Imparato has created an innovative approach to the work life, the new mean of life:  On-Site Yoga, On-Site and Virtual Nutritional Coaching, Career Coaching, and the optimal preemptive solution to employee productivity, Health & Wellness Training. 

RETOX is the first health and wellness brand that looks at problems, and solutions, as an integrated whole, and can bring the solutions to your Company, in a way that is realistic, sustainable, and action oriented. 

We believe that it is a myth that staring at a computer or sitting all day makes you fat, and that there is no way or time to take care of yourself in a long modern work day.

What is true is that proper exercise and nutrition, for your mind and body, have a massive effect on your productivity, ability to concentrate, and ability to contribute.

Trust, teamwork, focus. Three vital ingredients to business success. Health, energy, productivity.  Three vital ingredients to employee success.  The key to fostering and maintaining these critical elements lies within each individual of the team, as well as the interactions within the greater group as a whole.

RETOX Corporate Programs are designed to help you take your team where you want it to be, whether that involves a short term tangible goal, or a long term sentiment.

RETOX has worked with multinational corporations, small start ups, privately owned companies, Division I Athletic teams, and more. No matter who you are, take your team to where you want them to be. 

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Photo: Walt Lindveld

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