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    Feeling Fat?

    Eat a lot yesterday? Me too!! Thanksgiving is sooooooo good, and absolutely no reason to feel guilty today! My upcoming book, RETOX, and I.AM.YOU. are based on living life to the max, no matter what the holiday table (and relatives) throw you.

    We all feel fat sometimes, but that does not mean we are. Sometimes we are being to hard on ourselves, twisting our perception into a body image larger than it should be. Other times we need to make a change, but psyche ourselves out of even beginning.  That&rsquos what RETOX is here for - to give you tips based on yoga, nourishment, and mindset to get you strong in mind and body, inside and out.

    Here are 2 solutions to get you over the I&rsquom Fat hump:

    • Take a look at the below RETOX video for quick and easy yoga, nourishment, and mindset tips to do today, no matter where you are.

    So go back to the kitchen, warm up some leftovers, grab a slice of pecan pie (my favorite), and get your #RETOX.  You only live once, after all.

    In stuffing stuffed-ness love.


    Lauren Imparato

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    Take a moment and thank god - or whoever or whatever you believe in - for everything you have been already given in life. That&rsquos the whole point of living, anyways. ( & for some pre stuffing prep try ½ headstand lifts into planks to forearm planks into scissored headstand legs into a pose of giving thanks 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻) #iamyou #RETOX www.RETOXbook.com

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    !! The 1st #RETOX recipe on a public menu! A version of my broccoli soup by #iamyou friends at Blend in London. Topped w/ toasted almonds. (I should have thought of that!) Get your copy of #RETOXbook ASAP & I&rsquoll send you a 3 day meal plan to help you recover from thanksgiving. http://www.amazon.com/RETOX-Yoga-Attitude-Healthy-Solutions/dp/0425278506

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    Forget Gratitude

    Happy pre Thanksgiving!  With the announcement of my first book, RETOX, last week, and all the amazing feedback from you I.AM.YOU.ers, friends, family, and press since, I sincerely feel so lucky, and grateful.  Yet, I find gratitude to be quite an esoteric word, despite my total accordance with it. What I find to be far more palpable, tangible, and real, though, is something so simple, it is easy to forget: Give thanks for what you have been given.

    Give thanks for what you have been given.
    Your body. Your muscles. Your organs. Your skin. Your mind. Your thoughts. Your health. Your job. Your freedom. Your friends. Your family. Your food. Your palate. Your ability to hear music. Your ability to breathe. Your ability to see. Your ability to move. Your ability to think. The roof over your head. The gadget in front of you. The life you have been given to live.

    Even on the most dreadful of days you can likely give thanks for at least one, if not all, of these. But it can be so easy to forget easy to forget what we have been given, and focus, instead, on what we do not have.

    So today, and this week, take a step back, and cast aside what you want and what you do not have. Instead take a moment to simply give thanks for what you have been given.

    Chances are that in doing so your inside you, and the people around you, will be giving thanks that you did.




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    Gobble it all up this week. It&rsquos what thanksgiving is for - appreciating everything and everyone around us. www.RETOXbook.com #iamyou #RETOXbook #RETOX

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