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    🎶I&rsquom talking about Good Vibrations. Gooood Gooood Goood Goood Vibrations🎶 Who&rsquos ready for the weekend? And do you think I rolled into the sea?? Take your #RETOX vibes w/ you via 28 classes on retox.yoga & MusicMixes via iamyoustudio @spotify . I literally was singing this song as I was upside down&hellip and rolled around&hellip (at Long Island, NY)

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    -Drizzle Olive Oil on Salmon
    -Squeeze a fresh lemon on it
    -Squeeze a quarter of an orange on it
    -Cover with sesame seeds
    -Grill or wrap in foil and bake at 400 degrees to your liking
    Serve alone topped with red onion and parsley. or with a side of avocado, or with a salad&hellip. or in taco &hellip

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    Avocado Toast vs Salmon Toast vs The Sandwich

    Lot of people around this weekend? With a few simple ingredients you can please them all, all with a side of greens and a massive does of healthy fats and omegas. Which is your fave?

    Avocado Toast (the Original California Way):

    -Toast some sourdough

    -Cut open an avocado and salt it

    -Slice, Top and Enjoy

    Salmon Toast

    -Toast fave bread

    -Mash up a cooked filet of salmon with red onion, celery, lemon juice, black pepper, sliced black olives, and mayo

    -Spread and Enjoy!

    The Sandwich

    -Avocado on one side

    -Salmon Salad on the other side

    -Lettuce and sliced onion for crunch in between

    -Old school fave with a massive omega kick.


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    The 8 Year MUSICMIX! 

    For you from us with #RETOX love. 

    xx, Lauren & our Resident Mixologist

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    RETOX Summer Spinach Dip:
    This dip takes 2 minutes and is a perfect truly healthy dip, and works as a spread on burgers or extra little kick to whatever’s grilling&hellip or even mixed in to a pasta for an epic pesto.
    -2 Fistful Baby Spinach
    -1 Fistful Arugula
    -1 Bunch Fresh Basil
    -5 Cloves Garlic
    -1 Thumb of Parmesan
    -Olive Oil
    Blend & Enjoy!

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