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    7 Year Birthday!

    Today is officially our birthday!!!!!!! Yes, today, May 1, 2009 I opened the doors to I.AM.YOU..  And WOW what an incredible 7 years this has been!

    It all started with a passion and a dream, a dream to bring realistic wellness to real people for real life.  Yoga. Nourishment. Mindset. Music. Life.  That was the plan.

    But you know, a plan is a plan.  You never really know if it is going to work out.  Which is probably why I get so darned psyched every time I see or hear of someone RETOXing.  I become that weird person bouncing up and down, because this dream, one I risked everything for and bootstrapped, one I have poured literal blood, sweat, tears and hustle into, has become a revolution, one that I now get to see across the Nation and Globe.

    In the past 7 years we have brought this practice to Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Cannes, Paris, London, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Hong Kong, to name a few… and of course my dear United States of America.  With the birth of RETOX, my first book based on over a decade of study and hands on work with students, I feel like these seven years have blown on by like a dream.

    And now it’s time to celebrate! Stay tuned for awesome free gifts we will share via our mailing list.. sign up here www.RETOXbook.com

    Get your poppers and your blowers my friends – we are 7.  And I can’t wait for the next ones.  Thanks to you, it has been, and will always be, a great ride.

    With Bday High Love.

    Lauren Imparato

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    The #RETOX way.

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    Italian Stir Fry - Quick & Easy #RETOX Dinner.

    -Chop ½ white onion & add to a pan w/ Olive Oil. Let Sautée until translucent.
    -Add broccoli, fresh or frozen.
    -When semi soft, add 2 diced zucchinis.
    -Sprinkle with orgenano & pepper.
    -Mix in a can of tomato paste, or pre made tomato sauce.
    -Stir & cover with a lid until all veggies are soft.

    Serve optionally with Parmesan & Garlic Bread. Buon appetito! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

    So many more simple recipes in #RETOXbook - get your copy now! www.RETOXBOOK.com


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    You Can Always Help The Environment, No Matter Where You Are

    I love nature and the environment, every single part of it. I&rsquom just a closet environmentalist. Which is why I spent the last day of my honeymoon cleaning up the sea.
    The day after our wedding, my husband and I were lucky enough to escape to a pristine island in Polynesia. Our room was directly on a mile-long beach of white sand, with the perfect, crystal clear sea surrounding us. It was by far the most beautiful water I&rsquove ever seen in my life. We kept pinching ourselves to see if it was real, because it was more stunning than any doctored photograph could ever be. Day after day we would wake up, look at the perfect blue water, stroll a meter to the perfect white sand, and spend a perfect day chillin&rsquo with it all.

    Then. It happened. I&rsquod heard of these currents before, the ones that inadvertently pick up the ocean&rsquos plastic and draw it all to the middle of the Pacific, there forming an island of plastic and trash the size of Switzerland, but given how insane that sounds, I&rsquove never been able to visualize it easily. But a mini version arrived on our beach to show me just how real the predicament is.

    Two hours after we woke up on our consistently unscathed slice of paradise, the currents changed, bringing in tons and tons of trash to the very same pristine water and sand we had been enjoying for days on end. At first we were shocked and just watched what was happening, jaws dropped and bikini clad. Then we looked at each other and realized we could help — we had to help.

    We picked up every piece of plastic that had drifted towards us. The supply was endless: bottles, pens, peanut butter rappers, lids, diapers, bags. The list goes on and on. At a certain point, we decided to divide and conquer, with him managing the shore and me the congealed islands that had formed in the water. After a few hours we had cleared bag after bag of plastic in our line of site, which we hauled to an area in front of our room for the hotel to pick up. We were wiped, sore (me especially, after swimming around with a bag and spearing floating plastic), and dumbfounded.

    We finally returned to our chillin&rsquo spots and just gazed in silence, our minds focused on what had just happened. This island of plastic in the Pacific clearly exists, which led me to two thoughts: First, why haven&rsquot our world’s billionaires chipped in and picked some of it up? And second, we must each do our part to prevent this from growing.

    It&rsquos always possible to help the environment, no matter where you are or what your schedule is you just have to figure out what&rsquos realistic and works for you and your form of environmentalism. You have to pick and choose your battles so you don’t go insane, and even more importantly, so that helping nature survive is something that fits into your daily lifestyle as opposed to dictating the way you live.

    I, for one, know I&rsquom guilty of using plastic water dispensers, which is due to the rusty pipes in our loft. That&rsquos my honest, and still unavoidable downside. So when back in New York City, I make up for it by picking up trash on the sidewalks, small and large. I pass on bags in my shopping and errands, instead adding items to my purses and totes. Most importantly, I always opt to pass on extra napkins, coffee cup lids, receipts, cup holders, cards, and the various small bits of daily life we dispose of almost immediately after we get them, and thus end up floating as islands of plastic in the sea.

    Individuals actually can make a difference. I saw it and felt it with my own eyes on my honeymoon. But we have to decide to do it, from the closet or out in the open, so that the world can remain an open sea of beauty for us to enjoy for centuries to come.



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    There is an all encompassing power, one that is absolute & also diverse. In that nexus lies your true power: the understating that there is not just one way. #RETOX #RETOXbook www.retoxbook.com

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