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    Considering making this an official #RETOX motto! 🌮❤️🌮❤️🌮#RETOXrevolution #RETOXbook pic @terez (at New York, New York)

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    #RETOX regram by bombshell @therealeve :: #DREAM THEN #DO - I could never have dreamt that the life I am living now would be my life. Sometimes your #dreams are even bigger than u thought they were. Never give up on your #dreams because they are what help you to design the life you want to live. But JUST dreaming isn&rsquot enough, you have to get up and out of your comfort zone,bed,couch or whatever it is and #DO #forevereve Sending you #love and #positive vibes today ❤️ (at Los Angeles, California)

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    EVERYONE IS SO NICE TODAY. like seriously. After a couple days of moping around sad I was missing summer on one foot & quite frankly, beat up from all the crutches and some not nice people running into me etc, I woke up today & decided BASTA. On my 8 block crutch (don&rsquot knock it Til you try it) 4 people stopped just to say they hoped I felt better, 2 opened doors for me without asking, @gimmecoffee offered to take my fave bfast outside so I could have it and enjoy the day, a postman saluted me, and life loved me. All because I decided to stop planting negative seeds & only plant good ones. That&rsquos the power of #RETOX . Thank you universe for today!!! And if you are having some bad days - it&rsquos ok. Just plant better seeds or try some of the Tactics in #RETOXbook - I am proof today that they work! 💋💋💋#RETOXrevolution (at Elizabeth Street Garden)

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    Starting out Friday the way we always do&hellip with a little funkified soul.Enjoy this peek at our mix from today’s session of Funky Friday at the NYC Studio. 

    “Sexual Healing” (Kygo Remix) - Marvin Gaye

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    As some of you know, about six weeks ago I straight up walked into a wall.  Well, to be precise, I walked through the doorway and my pinky toe went into the wall.  It was a bright sunny morning, I was headed to make lunch, and very un dramatically was not tipsy, nor in an awesome pair of heals, nor pulling off some athletic stunt.  Since, I have had a major reconstructive surgery involving stem cells and a metal wire holding my foot together, watched a lot of Netflix, and had a fair amount of realizations we can all learn from.  

     Here are the 6 things I have learned from not being able to able to walk, and 6 Lessons I Encourage us all to Implement into Our Lives.

    1.  Social Media is Depressing.

    The days I spend scrolling social media are the days I get most bummed out about my condition.  Yes, I am more or less on bed rest.  My foot hurts.  I had to cancel all my personal and work travel for two months.  But unless I am on social media I actually not that bummed out about it it is what it is and I am lucky it was not worse. 

    Yet, the days I am looking at virtual reality are the days I get really, really down.  And when I get down, my body starts to hurt.  When the body hurts, the mind gets more depressed… and well, on the cycle goes.  Depression and social media have been scientifically linked (I even write about it in my book, RETOX), but now that I have been in a self contained incubator for 6 weeks, I can confirm, that sht sucks.   

    The RETOX mend: Just put it away.  If you have to post for your business, do.  Get on and get off.  Badda Bing Badda Boom. And live your life through real lenses, not electronic ones.  (More tips on this in the iAddict chapter of RETOX).

    2. Being a Perfectionist is not always Perfect.

    I have been a perfectionist since as long as I can remember.  My parents, teachers, coaches, friends, colleagues and randos have always commented on it.  I know it, and have always defined it as who I am, even if it can make my life occasionally more stressful, or difficult.

    But while I am on one foot, unable to walk or put pressure on my foot, let along get it wet or basically, do anything I am used to in any normal way, I have had to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies.  The bed is far from military or hotel grade made, my unibrow has grown back into full form, I have not done any semblance of exercise, my diet is whatever I can  get delivered… well I could go on and on.  The first few weeks  I was in too much pain to care, and now, having survived an imperfect state, I realize that maybe I do not have be a perfectionist about everything all the time, and that I am still alive despite that.

    The RETOX mend: Loosen up about one thing a week in your life.  Maybe it is something in your diet or your workout schedule.  Perhaps it is a detail on a project or an attitude with a love one.  Just let it be slightly less than what you see as perfect, so that it can be perfect for the universe and where you are now.  I bet you will make you feel free….

    3. Asking For Help is Good.

    I hate asking for help.  I never want to be annoying or add extra stress or pressure or to do’s of people. The thing is, I need help, to do everything right now – shower, get dressed, eat, ice, move. You name it, I need it.

    So why is asking for help still so hard? 

    I’ve realized that when I associate asking for help with feeling week. Which only makes those around me waiting and wanting to help feel frustrated, useless, and annoyed – at me, which is the whole thing I think I am avoiding by not asking for help to begin with.  After reflecting on this tangible example I am grappling with hourly, I realize how much better life would be for all of us if I do  - for everyone.

    The RETOX mend: Just ask.  Don’t think about it and just say, “Hey, would you mind…..”.  I am almost certain that you will feel free, and the other awesome person you have approached will feel empowered.


    4. 50% of People Are Awesome.

    Like I said, I am not a good asker of helper, even though most people want to help..  Which is why I so appreciate when people go over and beyond to help me.  The taxi driver who takes the extra time and hassle to pull the door directly up to where I am and hold my hand and the crutches as I get in and out. The coffee shop on the corner that set up a special bench for me so I can hobble out to them for an hour of fresh air without hassle. Members of my team being my hands while I can’t work full force.  I could go on and on.

    The thing is, I have also run into a lot of people these weeks that have made my life very difficult.  From drivers unwilling to wait as I hobble across the street to people who have watched me struggle to open a door on crutches alone.  Or my personal favorite, the girl who almost ran me down as I hobbled to the corner, causing my crutches to fall to the sidewalk and who, instead if asking if I was ok (I was, thanks to all the yoga) or to pick up the crutches, just turned around and said” I am late to work can you get them?” I just stood on one foot and stared. 

    We all have a lot to do. But being busy is never an excuse to not help someone.  Especially if “busy” means staring at your phone or taking a split second to lend a helping hand.

    The RETOX mend: Let’s all try to be 100% Awesome 100% of the time.  Once a day do something for someone else.  I swear to you by experience that it can be as simple as holding the door.  Help someone else one time a day and you will almost instantly see and feel the positive effects you are creating for you and the world around you.  


    5. Staring into Space is the Holy Grail of Sanity.

    If you know me, you know I never sit still or stop doing… hence the emotional severity of this injury.  The other day, a friend asked me what I have been doing to not go crazy on bed rest.  I simply said, “Stare into Space.” He was flabbergasted.  I was serene.

    Doing nothing is a drug, a good drug that can, and will, make your body and mind more powerful and clear if you let it.  In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with requests, demands, advertisements, information and chaos all day long, every day, doing nothing but just gazing can seem insane.  The thing is, it is without a doubt the key to our sanity, like a quick shot of open eyed meditation to re boot, re jig, re boot our body and mind from the inside out.

    The RETOX mend: Stare into space for one minute a day.  Just gaze aimlessly at the wall, the sky, the setting in front of you.  You will likely feel more energized and clear headed afterwards.  (Tips on how to do this in RETOX?


    6. We Are Lucky.

    I cant walk for a couple months.  It’s hard, but it’s not that bad – it could have been way, way worse. 

    The thing is, we often take our simple existence for granted. Walking. Eating. Breathing. Seeing. Living.   When one of those goes, we realize how awesome being healthy and alive is.  But sometimes we realize it too late.  I never want to regret not appreciating something basic like standing on two feet. 

    The RETOX mend: Say thank you to life one time a day. Thank you, Life for being alive, being whole, being me.  THANK YOU.




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